Meet Claire Eaton – Author, Speaker & Youth Coach

Claire is a highly motivated and determined woman. Like many women, she wears many hats as she happily juggles the role of wife, mother, daughter, friend and Perth business owner since 2008.

Claire Eaton and Family

Claire loves this photo taken with the most favourite people in her world; her hubby of over 24 years with their teenage son, (now a young adult) and together they make a great team. Claire is crazy about supporting youth, parents, adults and families to smile from the inside out, and to live life with a strong sense of resilience, optimism and confidence.

Claire’s Journey From Then to Now

Claire doesn’t have a story which will bring a tear to your eye, but she has a strong philosophy about ROC mindset, healthy thinking and the importance of knowing that personal resilience, optimism and confidence is way of life and living, one which can’t be outsourced, but can be cultivated one step, one day at a time at a time.

Claire has been working with young people and adults for over 27 years, during which time she has been gently paving a road in prevention-based mental health in Western Australia. In 2007 Claire decided to formalise her passion for youth and family mental, social and emotional health, when she opened her coaching practice in Duncraig, Western Australia. With further study, countless hours of personal client coaching, presentations to thousands of audience members and workshops for hundreds of teenagers, Claire has never looked back. Claire is now the author of three books ROC & RISE, Hello High School and Hello High School Yearly Planner, of which she is immensely proud and hope they are making a difference where it is needed the most.

Claire’s Little Family

When Claire isn’t doing what she loves at work, she is happily surrounded by her hubby and son and their cocker spaniel Harry (he’s the friendly little dude who greets everyone at the door when they come for their coaching session.)

Claire loves pottering in the garden, walking along the coast, exercising at F45 with her hubby and supporting her son play his favourite game; cricket and she is definitely a fan of hot summer days. Her favourite quote, “When the going gets tough, YOU get going” inspirational words written on the blackboard by a Teacher in Training when she was herself a young student in year 7 way back when!

Claire’s Professional life

Claire has 20 years of educational experience as a Teacher,  Deputy Principal, Tutor at Edith Cowan University, Youth Mentor and a qualified Coach, EFT and NLP Practitioner. Claire is a trained Rites of Passage Facilitator, ASIST qualified and Women’s Circle Leader, but aside from all the formal qualifications, she really does have this natural ability to ‘get teenagers’. She feels comfortable in conversation, as well as in silence and she prides herself on the way she connects with young people, adults, parents and audiences on a social and emotional level.

Now, at the age of 50, Claire believes that her role and responsibility in prevention-based mental, social and emotional wellbeing is education and care, something at front of mind in everything she does.

Claire’s Adventure

When Claire was young, her favourite book series was “Choose Your Own Adventure”, books filled with mystery, action, magic and adventure, much like life really. Claire loved these books because they offered the power of choice in every chapter.  Along with the quote written on the blackboard all those years ago, Claire has chosen to get going and keep going when the going gets tough. Choice is free, it’s powerful and it can take you on the most incredible journey. So, Claire has really been weaving this theory through her life and work for a long time… regardless of age, status, wealth or story, we all have the choice to choose our own adventure, moment to moment and year to year.

Claire Eaton Guest Speaker

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