Hello High School Yearly Planner - by Claire Eaton
Hello High School Yearly Planner - available in bulk

Hello High School Yearly Planner: Hello High School’s practical companion.

By Claire Eaton B.A., B.Ed.

“I am more organised now. Before I was stressed because I didn’t know what to do, but I don’t feel like that any more.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“I really like how the planner is linked by page numbers to the parts of Hello High School. It makes it easier to use the ideas and stay up to date.”
– Yr 9 Teen

“Weekly reflection is really good and I look forward to doing it every week.”
– Yr 8 Teen

“So simple to use and I love the way it has page numbers that take me straight to the planning idea. This has helped me so much.”
– Yr 10 Teen

“The double page with pictures and words is great. STOP, DROP and SORT is brilliant in helping me to feel less overwhelmed.”
– Yr 10 Teen

“Love this book. ‘Sunday Set up’ and ‘Wednesday Wind up’ stopped my procrastination problems instantly.”
– Yr 9 Teen

“My favourite part is the 5 -step thinking strategy which I use a lot with the Mirror Check tool. It helps me to take care of my thoughts especially when I am feeling stressed. ”
– Year 8 Teen

“The Monday to Friday Success Check is a great way to make sure I am looking after myself and it makes me week easier.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“The planner keeps me on track and has taught me good ways to plan and be more organised.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“I like the boundary setting section because I didn’t know how to set boundaries before.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“It’s good that it’s set out in 4 terms with a break between each. The reflection questions are good so I can look back and remember what happened during the term. ”
– Yr 8 Teen

“This was excellent in bringing me back to techniques to plan my time and get organised. It’s simple and it works.”
– Yr 11 Teen

“The page numbers in the Planner match Hello High School which is so good because I use both books to together. It’s also good that my friend group has them too so we can talk about it.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“I got this Planner and Hello High School book as a graduation present last year. It’s the best.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“This combo has been a life saver for us (our whole family!) because we are all on the same page talking about planning and organisation techniques. We didn’t have this with our older child and we felt like we were floundering. This time with our twins, we have this system and something to follow. Less arguments and more harmony in our house too. Thank you! .”
– Parents of Yr 10 and 7 Teens

“We love the Planner layout and both our son and daughter use is quite freely. Probably because it’s so helpful, makes senses and takes a lot of stress out of their attempts to be organised at home and school.”
– Parents of Yr 7 and 9 teens

“Thank you for making this book, it’s has changed the way our kids approach school and all it entails. The linking of page numbers is such an excellent way for kids to learn and keep using all the great information in Hello High school.”
– Parents of Yr 8 and 10 teens

“Brilliant idea. Sunday Set up and Wednesday Wind up have made a 360 degree impact in our home. Really grateful.”
– Parents of Yr 7, 9 and 11 Teens

“What a change this Planner and Hello High School book has made to both our sons. All along they struggled with not knowing HOW to be organised. These books filled the gap and they are so much more confident as a result.”
– Parents of Yr 7 and 9 Teens

“We like the way the planner directly connects with Hello High School and also focuses on organisation, planning and important mindset and thinking strategies which are so pivotal for our kids to have a good grasp of.”
– Parents of Yr 9 and 11 Teens

“As a primary school teacher and parent, I was so happy to see this resource available especially for kids entering high school and start the right way. Thanks you Claire!”
– Parent of Yr 7, 9 and 12 teens

“The Planner has kept us tighter as a family. We do many aspects of it together and it’s reassuring knowing our children have tools and strategies they understand, and use, and they work for them.”
– Parents of Yr 8 and 10 Teens.

“Great Planner! Such a fantastic sync-up with Hello High School. Together they make parenting so much easier.”
– Parents of Yr 7 and 11 Teens.

“Our son received this as a graduation gift. We are so thankful as it made high school transition so much smoother, having such simple tools and processes to follow. We are really thankful and appreciative of the guidance it has given him and our younger children coming through.”
– Parent of Year 7 Tween.

The Yearly Planner is undated and linked with page numbers, making it the perfect HELLO HIGH SCHOOL book companion. It’s divided into four school terms, with 11 weeks per term. Each double-page week offers opportunities to learn and practice specific must-have skills shared in HELLO HIGH SCHOOL.
This teaching planner (not a typical diary) is designed to be used along side school planners and personal diaries, or on its own.
Most children use it in year 7 and 8, then they have enough understanding, that they do not need it so much in year 9+

Teaching tools in each week of the planner – 16 BIG HELPERS –
‘Sunday Set-Up’ and ‘Wednesday Wind up’ System
Goal Setting tips
Productivity Checklist – 4 parts
Weekly WHY – Understanding purpose and what’s important
Monday – Friday Success Habit Checklist
Most Boosters
Learning to set personal boundaries
Tools to keep ‘what ifs’ in check
Reminders to ask for help
5-step helpful thinking reminder
Friendship helpers – more kindness, less drama
Monday to Sunday diary
MVP Check
Weekly reflection – 9 questions
Prompts to STOP, DROP and Sort to beat overwhelm
and a lovely reminder about care, kindness and looking after each other.

Teens explain why they need this planner –

  • How do I plan, prioritise and be organised so I hand work in on time?
  • I get so stressed when I don’t know where to start.
  • I need help planning my time.
  • I want to know how to get organised and hand stuff in on time.
  • I waste way too much time doing not much.
  • I cant keep track of where I am at and I fall behind
  • I have so much stuff around, there’s always a mess.
  • I don’t know how to set boundaries.
  • My thinking slips and I don’t feel great.