Supporting Young People Stepping Into Adulthood

Young adult coaching is for those aged 18-25 who are stepping into adulthood. Perhaps they are in year 12 or have left school and are now studying, traveling, having a gap year, or perhaps they have entered the workforce or are following a trade. Stepping into the adult world can present its own challenges and endless opportunities, but it also serves as a reminder that prevention-focused mental health is more important then ever if they are to thrive and feel like they are moving forward and upward in their own lives.

Fee Schedule – July 1st 2019

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About Claire’s Coaching for Young Adults Aged 18-25

Young Adult Coaching is helpful if you are looking for support, learning and quality self-awareness type conversations in the areas of self-esteem, relationships, motivation, overwhelm or if you are experiencing too much stress, anxious feelings or your life feels somewhat out of balance.

Ideally, we want to feel good within ourselves as much as we can. Understanding that life can throw us some curve balls so our personal resilience, optimism and confidence levels can be tested in extreme ways, but at the end of the day, I’m assuming that you want to be able to dust yourself off, be your best and live well.

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Claire Eaton Coaching for Young Adults

Praise for Claire’s Coaching

Laugh, learn and feel good… that’s how I would describe our evening. Thanks so much Claire, we are all incredibly grateful for your time, knowledge and gentle way.
Imogen Cross, Mt Lawley, Western Australia
We loved the insights, stories and the opportunity to have anonymous questions answered in such a professional, yet relaxed way. Thanks Claire.
Jo Lewis, Roleystone, Western Australia
Thank you for all your help with the problem I had with bullies. Everything you taught me about my thinking style and my body language was good and it worked at school.
Joshua, 11, Canning Vale, Western Australia
You have made such a big difference to our family, we all use the tools you gave us because they work. The dynamics and connection between all 5 of us has really changed for the better. We’re most grateful.
Julie and Dave, Parents, Woodvale, Western Australia
I just want to say thanks for all your help so far. My parents say that I don’t get as stressed anymore and I think I agree with them.
Katrina, 13, Tapping, Western Australia

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