How to Re-set Family Tech Use Post-iso

Interview with Triple M Gold Coast. May, 2020.

How do you re-set your child’s screen time ready for school? Claire Eaton, ROC Mindset Coach for Youth & Parents and author of ROC & RISE, was interviewed by Queensland radio station, Triple M Gold Coast. Devices have become a coping mechanism for many families during the Covid crisis. Claire Eaton discusses how families can come back out into the real world and move out of the routines that were set during the Covid restrictions.

Helping Australian Teens Coping in COVID-19 Isolation

Interview with 7 News, Perth. March, 2020.

With high schoolers facing months of isolation at home, psychologists are worried about the mental health of our teenagers but there are simple steps Perth parents can take to avoid the dangers of isolation.

Praise for Claire’s Guest Speaking

Claire’s energy is contagious – she is a great advertisement for thinking positively. Lots of wonderful reminders and tools to use in my own thinking. It was also pleasing to see so many of our Carers clearly absorbed in Claire’s session and so delighted in what they had learnt.
Bavali, Government of Western Australia Department for Child Protection
Claire was very responsive to Escare’s needs and we really appreciated Claire travelling to our town for our Esperance families. We are looking forward to inviting Claire back in the near future.
Jo Aberle, Coordinator Escare Incorporated, ESPERANCE WA

Claire presented to our parents of children with disabilities in Geraldton. The information was very informative, entertaining and extremely helpful. Our families all benefited, feeling empowered and positive.

Julie, Camden Council Library Service, NSW

Claire is a most engaging speaker and the content was seamlessly delivered in a format all could understand. I would recommend sessions with Claire.

Karen, Government of Western Australia Department for Child Protection

Claire’s presentations for adults and young people were extremely worthwhile and engaging. The focus on nurturing the qualities of Resilience, Optimism and Confidence was very enlightening. Highly recommended.

Kim White, Geraldton

You really inspired all of us to look at ourselves a bit deeper to then be able to grow our kids into great men and women. Thanks Claire for sharing your passion and igniting the passion in all of us to nurture our kids to be ROC teenagers.

Linda Tobin, My Way Co-Ordinator

It was incredible to see the change in people’s faces as they would listen to Claire putting a somewhat complex thought into terms that everyone could understand, witnessing numerous ‘Ah-ha’ moments. We can’t thank Claire enough for the great work that she does.

Michaela Haley, Community Development Officer, One Life, City of Vincent, Western Australia

Claire explored effective ways to think and learn how to be more positive, calm and happy in their own skin in a great informal, fun, conversational and stress-free way.

Representative, and MWLP - Linking Youth

We would love to (and have booked) to have you back again, Thanks so much for working with our young carers.

Representative, Commonwealth Midwest Respite and Care Link Centre

On behalf of Headwest I would sincerely like to thank you for guest speaking at our Launch of Brain Injury Awareness Week. Your presentation was inspiring and many commented on your passion for young people.

Sue McLennan, Education Coordinator, HeadWest WA