About ROC & RISE

ROC & RISE is the teenager’s guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life. This book is a culmination of Claire’s 25 years experience as an Educator, Speaker and ROC Mindset Coach for adolescents and their families. ROC & RISE is supported by a 180 minute, audio Parent Guide – leading you through each section of the book, helping you to help your teenager.

Claire Eaton's, ROC & RISE, book is now available on Amazon

Maggie Dent - author, educator, and parenting & resilience specialist

“This wonderful resource for teens [ROC & RISE book] arrived on my desk this week. Claire Eaton has been working closely with teens, families and schools mainly in WA for over 20 years… a really great guide for teachers as well as parents! Great work Claire!”

~ Maggie Dent, Author, Educator, and Parenting & Resilience Specialist