ROC & RISE: The teenager’s guide to building the Resilience, Optimism and Confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life

By Claire Eaton B.A., B.Ed.
  "Love this book. I like how you wrote it for teenagers and the stories help it all make sense. I use the line idea a lot, especially when I think about school work, tests and exams." - Alicia 14 "It’s good to just open a chapter and read a quick reminder that I can use instantly. It’s easy like that." - Josh 13 "I feel good when I read the book. I don’t feel so alone and I like how it’s written for people my age so it easy to read and understand." - Lilly 14 "The tips in the book have helped me to feel less stressed and overwhelmed at school and with homework." - Jess 15 "I’m a boarder and I really think everything in the book has shown me how to be more confident away from my family." - Taylor 12 "Awesome book. It makes mental health topics so much easier to understand and the tips are super helpful in so many situations." - Toby 17 "I thought I was the only one asking the big six questions. This is my favourite part of the book and it’s help me a lot." - Tom 15 "The way you explained ‘stuff’ and that its my choice how I look at it was a big one for me. No one has ever explained it that way before, so that helped me heaps." - Max 13 "This book is so good. I like the audio of it too. The stories are great and it’s all helped me to release that there are so many way to think differently and believe in myself." - Ella 15 "I really like the rituals. I use my altar a lot, it’s a good way for me to remind myself that I’m OK especially if something is on my mind." - Charlotte 13 "I have read ROC and RISE so many times, and I use all the boosters and I know how to notice blockers too." - Rosie 15 "Top book. The switches are cool." - Adam 16 "I like how the book is filled with stories that I can relate to. The Harry shake works really well for me." - Isabella 12 "I used to be a perfectionist, but the confidence part has taught me different ways to handle that and change things up." - Jack 15 "I enjoy the writing sections in the book, it makes me think a lot and be more aware of what I’m thinking and doing." - Chelsea 14 "My favourite parts are the switches and the optimism boosters. I use them all the time they’ve helped me to feel way less stressed." - Zoe 17 "My sisters and I all read this book, it makes it easier for us to help each other if we need it because we all know the ideas and tips." - Hollie 11, Jade 14, Gabby 16 "Best book I’ve read. It’s a nice way to learn about a big topic. The stories and examples are great." - Sam 16 "The ROC Dream Team section has helped me a lot with my friendships at school." - Georgia 13 "Great book, good that it’s for guys and girls." - Zac 17 "It’s a different book, so easy to read and I’ve learnt lots of new ways to handle stress and problems and when things go wrong for me." - Jackson, 15
  “Thank you for writing such a valuable book for our teenagers. Watching my son read it, then apply the tools and strategies at his own pace has been wonderful to watch. My husband and I have read the book too, so it’s great that we’re all on the same page and talking the same language. A refreshing and unique book that delivers mental health messages differently. ” - Joanne M. “Stress is less, overwhelm is less, doubt is less and it’s soooo good to see our teenage daughter using the practical and teen-friendly tools in this book to be the best version of herself. Very happy parent right now.” - Simone F “This book has made a remarkable difference to the attitude, confidence and general approach to life of both my teenage son and daughter. They have a lighter ‘I can do this’ approach to life’s ‘stuff’ (as you so simply put it)" - Charmaine V “What a difference this book has made to our daughter’s mindset and outlook on life. After being bullied in year 7 and 8, she was struggling, so I can’t tell you how much it means to us to see her now returning to her old self and enjoying life. Our happy and confident girl is coming back thanks to the boosters in your book. She’ll have these mindset skills for life.” - Angie H “Your cleverly written book taught my teenagers about the art of taking responsibility for their own mental health and they’re now spreading their wings wide and living teenage life to the full.” - Jill B “Love how the book is gender-neutral, thank you! Our sons are getting a lot out of it. We see them and hear them using the terms in the book, encouraging each other and definitely being more aware of their choices and reactions. This book should be in every home (and school too)." - Frances and Jason M “ROC and RISE has changed the feeling in our house in the most positive way. We use the ROC fundamentals to help us all stay on track and the communication between us and our teenagers has most definitely changed for the better. We’re dealing with less stress, melt-downs and overwhelm because they’re using the ideas and techniques in the book. Thanks so much, Claire, so glad we stumbled across your book.” - Libby E “Our teenagers heard you speak at their school and now they’re reading your book, which is making a massive impact on their lives, with their friendships, schoolwork, in sport and generally at home. It’s wonderful that our kids have these life-long skills now, rather than waiting until they’re in their 20’s and 30’s.” - Amy P “WOW! I wish this book was around when in was a teenager. Love that my girls have this information now as they step cautiously through their adolescent years. It’s so encouraging to see them use the tools, the switch strategies and the great stories to help them be the best they can be. Most grateful!” - Elizabeth F “What a relief. Teenagers finally have a book that explains how to handle disappointments and hold perspective when life isn’t as smooth as we would like it. Thank you, Claire, this book is powerful and so needed.” - Mark B “This book arrived at the perfect time for us. With three teenagers in the house, they are all listening to the audio and reading the book with its writing exercises, and it’s making a difference to how they all approach school and its ups and downs. It’s heartwarming to see our kids reading about mental health in a way that is straightforward and real, teenagers appreciate this and so do we, their parents.” - Jo and Dave S “Very grateful our teenagers now have tools to helps them handle whatever life throws at them. To know they can learn and practice these skills at their own pace and use them across so many different contexts gives me enormous peace of mind. I worry and stress less, so that’s got to be a good thing too.” - Louise T “I wanted to say thank you for writing ROC and RISE, we listen to your audiobook in the car, we talk about your messages at the dinner table and we are forever flicking through the book, always finding exactly what we need to help us. We love the stories, the simplicity and all the reminders, they make sense to teenagers, who let’s face it, have a lot going on in their lives these days.” - Pauline N “My son loves this book. It’s tabbed, page corners are turned over and it’s filled with his own notes. It’s helped him to take charge of his thoughts and adopt a lot more responsibility for how he approaches everything in this life.” - Terry F “Our family read the book, listened to it in the car and we decided that we would all embrace the ROC and RISE approach and It was the best decision we have ever made. So proud to see my teenagers giving this a go, using the strategies and the best part, is watching them become more aware of the control they have over their own mental health. That’s hard to put a price on. Thank you, Claire, we are so grateful you wrote this book for our teenagers.” - Jennifer & Russel D “I tell everyone about this book. It’s easy to read, hits the spot on teen mental and emotional care and it delivers the big messages that are so important for young people to hear at this wonderfully wild time of their lives.” - Kim J “This audiobook has saved our family from imploding I’m sure! I can’t thank you enough for writing something for teenagers to read or in our case, to listen to. Our teenagers are getting so much from it, my hubby and I are too. It just makes so much sense. We’re all on the same page which makes talking about mental health type topics so much easier. Finally, I know what to say or what to ask! What a relief. "Our car rides are quite different at the moment. Your voice is with us and we’re loving it. We even pause and discuss... omg.... what a turnaround! I’m pinching myself. "Thanks so much, Claire, your work is making a world of difference to our entire family and I bet I’m not alone. Grateful indeed.” - Helen J

This book is a culmination of Claire’s 25 years experience as an Educator, Speaker and ROC Mindset Coach for adolescents and their families. Claire’s dream is for ROC & RISE to give young people the personal tools, fortitude and know-how, to take charge of their own mental fitness in a way that is right for them.

Claire’s book shares practical tools, boosters and strategies all wrapped in real and wonderful stories, so teenagers can learn to raise their resilience, boost their optimistic mindset and lift their confidence, from the inside out.

ROC & RISE is on its way… with the urgency that now more than ever, our young people need an abundance of mental, social and emotional strength to ROC and Rise. Tweens, teens and young adults need practical tools and age-appropriate ways to understand themselves and thrive throughout their adolescent years, so they can rise up to be their personal best.

A game-changer for teenagers. This is the book that every young person needs in their mental fitness toolkit.

It’s time for teenagers to ROC & RISE.

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What Claire’s peers are saying about ROC and RISE

Maggie Dent’s Review of ROC & RISE

Maggie Dent - author, educator, and parenting & resilience specialist

“ROC and RISE is a wonderful resource for teens and a great guide for teachers and parents as well!” Read more “Maggie Dent’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Maggie Dent
Author, Educator, and Parenting & Resilience Specialist

Kim Marie Smith’s Review of ROC & RISE

Kim Marie Smith

“This book is inspiring, thought-provoking, heart-warming and best of all… It’s easy to read!” Read more “Kim Marie Smith’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Kim Marie Smith
Youth Wellness Specialist, Holistic Counsellor & Founder of Standing Strong®

Rebecca Sparrow’s Review of ROC & RISE

Rebecca Sparrow, Author and host of the Ask Me Anything podcast

“I’ll be giving my daughter her own copy the moment she starts high school.” Read more “Rebecca Sparrow’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Rebecca Sparrow
Author and host of the 'Ask Me Anything' podcast

Catherine Hallissey’s Review of ROC & RISE

Catherine Hallissey, Psychologist

“ROC and RISE is a superb book. It is the book I wish I had when I was a teenager. It holds many of the answers I was searching for yet could not find.” Read more “Catherine Hallissey’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Catherine Hallissey

Michelle Mitchell’s Review of ROC & RISE

Michelle Mitchell, review of Claire Eaton's book ROC & RISE

“This book is all heart. This is the book that every young person needs in their mental fitness toolkit.” Read more “Michelle Mitchell’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Michelle Mitchell
Author, Speaker, Educator

Dr Arne Rubinstein’s Review of ROC & RISE

Dr Arne RubinsteinAuthor, Speaker & Social Commentator, CEO of The Rites of Passage Institute

“ROC and Rise would be a great book to have as part of the school curriculum, as anything that we can do to support our young men and women of the future during these critical years is invaluable.” Read more “Dr Arne Rubinstein’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Dr Arne Rubinstein
Author, Speaker & Social Commentator, CEO of The Rites of Passage Institute

Craig Harper’s Review of ROC & RISE

Craig Harper (B.Ex. Sci.) Author, Speaker, Media Presenter, Coach, Podcaster

“Wow, what a book. So readable, relatable and relevant. In many ways, this is a self-management guide for our younger generation.” Read more “Craig Harper’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Craig Harper (B.Ex. Sci.)
Author, Speaker, Media Presenter, Coach, Podcaster

Dannielle Miller’s Review of ROC & RISE

Dannielle MillerAuthor, Teen Educator, Speaker & CEO Enlighten Education

“I’ve joined the ROC and RISE party! Claire Eaton is… Read more “Dannielle Miller’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Dannielle Miller
Author, Teen Educator, Speaker & CEO Enlighten Education

Susan Tobiassen’s Review of ROC and RISE

Susan Tobiassen Psychologist, Founder & Speaker at Mindsight Psychological Training

“…This book offers an opportunity for young people to develop coping skills through clear and concise tips and tools.” Thank you Claire, for being an advocate for the wellbeing of young people.” Read more “Susan Tobiassen’s Review of ROC and RISE”

Susan Tobiassen
Psychologist, Founder & Speaker at Mindsight Psychological Training

Nicole Huggins’ Review of ROC & RISE

Nicole Huggins, Deputy Principal & Wellness Coordinator

“ROC and Rise is a rare resource written FOR teenagers instead of about teenagers. It is written in language teenagers understand and establishes a relationship of understanding between Claire and the young reader…” Read more “Nicole Huggins’ Review of ROC & RISE”

Nicole Huggins
Deputy Principal & Wellness Coordinator

Courtney Marie Gratteri’s Review of ROC & RISE

Courtney Mare Fare-Gratteri Review of ROC & RISE

“…engaging, compassionate and understandable road map with practical mental and emotional fitness suggestions, heart felt words and exercises that any teen will want to explore again and again.” Read more “Courtney Marie Gratteri’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Courtney Marie Gratteri
Winner 2017 Commissioner for Young People’s Most Outstanding Youth Worker Award

Di Wilcox’s Review of ROC & RISE

Di Wilcox, Author

“Loved reading ROC and Rise! So practical for our teens and when I shared the book with my thirteen year old it resonated with her so well.” Read more “Di Wilcox’s Review of ROC & RISE”

Di Wilcox