This book combo ticks all the boxes for those starting high school:

It’s the perfect match of two books which are directly linked to one another, and teach the must-have and how-to high school essentials.
1. Hello High School
2. Hello High School Yearly Planner (not designed to replace school or personal diaries, but rather, to work along side HELLO HIGH SCHOOL book, as a learning resource.)

Hello High School

GOODBYE DRAMA and STRESS – 85 tips for high school teens that boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success

Hello High School, Claire’s second book for those starting high school in year 7 (And 8 too), is packed with 85 practical and teen-friendly HOW TO tips to boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success. If a teen has asked the question about high school, the answer will be in this book. It is matched with a YEARLY PLANNER to help teens to learn and practice organisation, mindset, productivity and friendship skills early in their high school journey.

Hello High School YEARLY PLANNER

Hello High School undated YEARLY PLANNER matches HELLO HIGH SCHOOL perfectly,  gives high schooler’s many opportunities to practice using the many of the 85 tips and tools found within the book. By adding their own personal notes and reminders along the way and using the week-by-week journal, teens will feel better equipped to stay on track at home, school and with friends.