Hello High School - book for teens by Claire Eaton
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Hello High School: Goodbye drama and stress. 85 tips for high school teens that boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success

By Claire Eaton B.A., B.Ed.

“I am more organised now. Before I was stressed because I didn’t know what to do, but I don’t feel like that any more.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“I really like how the planner is linked by page numbers to the parts of Hello High School. It makes it easier to use the ideas and stay up to date.”
– Yr 9 Teen

“Weekly reflection is really good and I look forward to doing it every week.”
– Yr 8 Teen

“So simple to use and I love the way it has page numbers that take me straight to the planning idea. This has helped me so much.”
– Yr 10 Teen

“The double page with pictures and words is great. STOP, DROP and SORT is brilliant in helping me to feel less overwhelmed.”
– Yr 10 Teen

“Love this book. ‘Sunday Set up’ and ‘Wednesday Wind up’ stopped my procrastination problems instantly.”
– Yr 9 Teen

“My favourite part is the 5 -step thinking strategy which I use a lot with the Mirror Check tool. It helps me to take care of my thoughts especially when I am feeling stressed. ”
– Year 8 Teen

“The Monday to Friday Success Check is a great way to make sure I am looking after myself and it makes me week easier.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“The planner keeps me on track and has taught me good ways to plan and be more organised.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“I like the boundary setting section because I didn’t know how to set boundaries before.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“It’s good that it’s set out in 4 terms with a break between each. The reflection questions are good so I can look back and remember what happened during the term. ”
– Yr 8 Teen

“This was excellent in bringing me back to techniques to plan my time and get organised. It’s simple and it works.”
– Yr 11 Teen

“The page numbers in the Planner match Hello High School which is so good because I use both books to together. It’s also good that my friend group has them too so we can talk about it.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“I got this Planner and Hello High School book as a graduation present last year. It’s the best.”
– Yr 7 Teen

“This combo has been a life saver for us (our whole family!) because we are all on the same page talking about planning and organisation techniques. We didn’t have this with our older child and we felt like we were floundering. This time with our twins, we have this system and something to follow. Less arguments and more harmony in our house too. Thank you! .”
– Parents of Yr 10 and 7 Teens

“We love the Planner layout and both our son and daughter use is quite freely. Probably because it’s so helpful, makes senses and takes a lot of stress out of their attempts to be organised at home and school.”
– Parents of Yr 7 and 9 teens

“Thank you for making this book, it’s has changed the way our kids approach school and all it entails. The linking of page numbers is such an excellent way for kids to learn and keep using all the great information in Hello High school.”
– Parents of Yr 8 and 10 teens

“Brilliant idea. Sunday Set up and Wednesday Wind up have made a 360 degree impact in our home. Really grateful.”
– Parents of Yr 7, 9 and 11 Teens

“What a change this Planner and Hello High School book has made to both our sons. All along they struggled with not knowing HOW to be organised. These books filled the gap and they are so much more confident as a result.”
– Parents of Yr 7 and 9 Teens

“We like the way the planner directly connects with Hello High School and also focuses on organisation, planning and important mindset and thinking strategies which are so pivotal for our kids to have a good grasp of.”
– Parents of Yr 9 and 11 Teens

“As a primary school teacher and parent, I was so happy to see this resource available especially for kids entering high school and start the right way. Thanks you Claire!”
– Parent of Yr 7, 9 and 12 teens

“The Planner has kept us tighter as a family. We do many aspects of it together and it’s reassuring knowing our children have tools and strategies they understand, and use, and they work for them.”
– Parents of Yr 8 and 10 Teens.

“Great Planner! Such a fantastic sync-up with Hello High School. Together they make parenting so much easier.”
– Parents of Yr 7 and 11 Teens.

“Our son received this as a graduation gift. We are so thankful as it made high school transition so much smoother, having such simple tools and processes to follow. We are really thankful and appreciative of the guidance it has given him and our younger children coming through.”
– Parent of Year 7 Tween.

High school can be a time of extreme ups and downs. Teenagers in year 7-12 are always looking for practical ways to handle demands of homework and study, friendships, teachers and academics and most importantly themselves and their own mindset as they face new experiences and a range of challenges along the way.

Parents want to see their teens thrive in high school, of course they do, yet they can feel frustrated and helpless watching their teens struggle because procrastination, overwhelm, stress and drama are getting in the way of their teen’s success. Hello High School and its companion Yearly Planner offer ready-to-use step by step strategies to help teens make the most of high school.

What Teens are Saying

  • How do I plan, prioritise and be organised so I hand work in on time?
  • I get so stressed and totally lose it, what can I do?
  • My confidence isn’t where it used to be.
  • I procrastinate way too much, but don’t know how to stop.
  • What’s the difference between busy and being productive?
  • I can’t motivate myself and then I get so overwhelmed when I’ve got so much unfinished work to do.
  • I know I’m a perfectionist and I compare myself to my friends.
  • Drama, drama, drama. I get dragged into it and I don’t want to.
  • Anxiety blocks me, I don’t know what to do.

85 Practical and Teen-Friendly HOW TO Tips

Hello High School, Claire’s second book for teenagers in years 7-12, is packed with 85 practical and teen-friendly HOW TO tips to boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success. If a teen has asked the question, the answer will be in this book

Hello High School is divided into 7 zones, each delivers tools needed to help teens stress less and shine more.

Respected Australian author, coach and speaker, Claire Eaton, offers teenagers and parents the book they have been waiting for. It’s relatable, readable and brimming with teen-tested HOW TO ways to empower teens to say hello to high school with more resilience, optimism and confidence.

What’s Inside Hello High School

  1. Hello SCHOOL ZONE  – Goodbye needless stress. (10 do-it-now tactics to press STOP)
    Think smart, handle failure, tune in to teachers and be brain care aware.
  2. Hello HOME ZONE – Goodbye homework hassle. (10 simple steps to manage homework and study)
    Plan, prioritise and use time wisely, push back on perfection and be test and exam ready.
  3. Hello PRODUCTIVITY ZONE – Goodbye procrastination and overwhelm. (20 sure-thing tips to get work done on time)
    Use routines, dominate devices, set up for less late nights and reward yourself.
  4. Hello FRIENDSHIP ZONE – Goodbye dangerous drama. (10 great ways to step towards friendship and away from drama)
    Ditch drama, get real on groups, trust yourself and find your fit at school.
  5. Hello COURAGE ZONE – Goodbye worry and anxiety. (15 helpful strategies to reduce anxiety and boost your vibe)
    Follow facts, shrink mountains, manage messages, breathe deeply and think well.
  6. Hello MVP ZONE – Goodbye crazy comparisons.   (15 brilliant tools to be your best)
    Build boundaries, share positivity, catch comparisons, practice kindness and gratitude.
  7. Hello SUCCESS ZONE – Goodbye unhelpful habits. (5 ways to stay in the zone)
    Choose your vibe, hang with humans, be active, eat mood food and get plenty of sleep.

What Claire’s peers are saying about Hello High School

With today’s teens under more pressure than any generation before, they need as much support as they can get. Claire Eaton’s books provide a simple to apply framework to support tweens and teens through the often-turbulent High School years. Read more “Josh Langley’s Review”

Josh Langley
Award winning children's author and mental health advocate
Martine Oglethorpe

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Martine Oglethorpe
Digital wellbeing & online safety educator

“An excellent resource for tweens and teens on their high school journey. It is simple, easy to read and jam-packed full of insightful and practical advice for our young high schoolers.” Read more “Renee Irving Lee’s Review of Hello High School”

Renee Irving Lee
Teacher, Children’s Author and Freelance Writer.
Rebecca Sparrow, Author and host of the Ask Me Anything podcast

“High school is hard. Thank heavens for Hello High School,  the map and torch every teenager (and parent) needs when it comes to busy timetables, more homework, friendship dramas and total overwhelm. Read more “Rebecca Sparrow’s Review of Hello High School”

Rebecca Sparrow
Author and host of the 'Ask Me Anything' podcast

“Claire’s hands on experience shines brightly through Hello High School. It’s refreshingly practical and gives young people strategies to cut through the overwhelm that so easily stifles them.” Read more “Michelle Mitchell’s Review of Hello High School”

Michelle Mitchell