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Parents, teens and teachers asked again and again, so Claire created a “GET ORGANISED” teen webinar series; a collection of six of the most popular ‘executive function’ skills and topics covered in year 7-12 high school presentations, and with teens in Claire’s private one-to-one coaching practice, which has been supporting teenagers in Australia and around the world since 2007.

Teen webinars are closely aligned to Claire’s most recent book THE ORGANISED TEENAGER, which teaches executive function skills, including time management, prioritising tasks, planning ahead, establishing routines, setting goals, meeting due dates and mastering motivation and mindset tools, to self-regulate during a teenager’s adolescent years. (With the help and support of trusted adults of course!)

On-demand webinars can be accessed for 12 months from purchase date.

Claire draws upon 30+ years’ experience as a former educator, Deputy Principal and Tutor at Edith Cowan University in WA. She is a speakeryouth coach and author of 5 books and Pep Talk series for teens, with a focus on teen wellbeing, stress, anxiety, friendships, social confidence, emotion awareness, mental health, high school transition and all organisation/executive function skills needed to thrive in the teens years and beyond.

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”I’m going to watch this again, because I liked how the steps were easy to follow and you made each parts make sense.”

”So good, thanks for showing me how to get everything done in the morning so I don’t stress so much.”

“Thank you, I loved this webinar.”

”The way you explained motivation made so much sense. I didn’t realise why it was so hard to get motivated now I do.”

“This webinar will help me so much, I have found year 7 quite hard so far.”

”AMAZING! The way you told us about the body signs and overwhelm was the best. I get it now.”

“I like everything about this webinar. You made it all so easy to understand.”

“Thank you for explaining why I am procrastinating when I know I should be doing my homework. It will help me heaps.”

“This is the best thing I have ever learnt to help me get organised thank you.”

“I have watched and read the book too. Loved both.”

“I am stressed a lot so this will help me to do organising things you talked about to be less stressed.”

“I read your book ROC and Rise and watched this webinar too. Both helped to me stress less.”

“I didn’t know what to when I felt stressed and my body was being so weird, thank you for explaining this to me.”

6 Webinar Bundle + Book

6 Webinar Bundle

Available on demand

Available on demand

Available on demand

Available on demand

Available on demand

Available on demand

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