Supporting Tweens & Teens in
Years 6-12

Claire is a big believer in the power of prevention and action, especially when talking about mental, social and emotional fitness and happiness. Young people often have many wonderful friends and family in their circle of trust, which is just the way we like it. But sometimes talking to a professional outside their immediate circle can help adolescents grow in healthy ways, learn new skills, strategies and practical tools, so they can make the most of their teenage years.

For HIGH SCHOOL students –

(55 minutes) –

Office or Zoom Coaching for Youth Aged 12 – 18 (years 7 – 12)

The Start-Up Pack (1 x 60 min parent and 1 x 55 min youth session) is a prerequisite if you would like Claire to coach your high school aged child.

Fee Schedule, JULY 1 2023

START-UP - 2 sessions : one child + one parent

$435 incl GST
  • Start-Up Price

1 high schooler session - 55 minutes

$210 incl GST
  • Standard Price

3 high schooler sessions - 55 minutes

$620 incl GST
  • Save $10 (usually $630)

6 high schooler sessions - 55 minutes

$1235 incl GST
  • Save $25 (usually $1260)

About Claire’s Coaching for High School Youth


Claire is a parent to a teenager, so she knows how beneficial it is for teens to learn and master skills which support the ongoing growth of positive mindset, self-esteem, resilience, optimism and confidence; all the elements which help young people to be better equipped to thrive in our modern and sometimes complex world.

Research indicates that the top 4 issues for young people in 2016 were:
Mental Health, Family Relationships, Emotional Wellbeing and Dating/Partner relationships., which adolescents need up-to-date tools and practical skills to handle and cope with.

55 minute private coaching session with Claire via zoom or at her Duncraig home office is relaxed and comfortable with her young cocker spaniel ‘Morris’ by her side.

Conversations often revolve around:

  • Self-esteem, self-care, school, friendships and confidence.
  • Decision making, handling stress, relationships, homework, exam mindset and planning/organisation skills.
  • Self-doubt and worries, communication skills, handling change, body image, perceptions of success and failure or anything else that pops up.

Claire offers coaching sessions:

Monday – Thursday: 9 – 3pm (last session 2.15pm start)

For PRIMARY SCHOOL students –
Year 6 only (40 minutes)

Office Coaching or Zoom – Children in year 6 only. (excludes years 1-5)

The Start-Up Pack (1 x 60 min parent and 1 x 40 min youth session) is a prerequisite if you would like Claire to coach your primary school aged child

Fee Schedule, JULY 1 2023

START-UP- 1 sessions : one child + one parent

$415 incl GST
  • Start-Up price

1 primary school session - 40 minutes

$190 incl GST
  • Standard Price

3 primary school sessions - 40 minutes

$560 incl GST
  • Save $10 (usually $570)

6 primary student sessions 40 minutes

$1115 incl GST
  • Save $25 (usually $1140)
Claire Eaton Coaching for Youth Aged 10-18

Praise for Claire’s Coaching

Laugh, learn and feel good… that’s how I would describe our evening. Thanks so much Claire, we are all incredibly grateful for your time, knowledge and gentle way.
Imogen Cross, Mt Lawley, Western Australia
I just want to say thanks for all your help so far. My parents say that I don’t get as stressed anymore and I think I agree with them.
Katrina, 13, Tapping, Western Australia
We loved the insights, stories and the opportunity to have anonymous questions answered in such a professional, yet relaxed way. Thanks Claire.
Jo Lewis, Roleystone, Western Australia
You have made such a big difference to our family, we all use the tools you gave us because they work. The dynamics and connection between all 5 of us has really changed for the better. We’re most grateful.
Julie and Dave, Parents, Woodvale, Western Australia
Thank you for all your help with the problem I had with bullies. Everything you taught me about my thinking style and my body language was good and it worked at school.
Joshua, 11, Canning Vale, Western Australia

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