THE ORGANISED TEENAGER: How to build strong habits that reduce overwhelm, stress and procrastination at home, school and in life. (Neurodivergent friendly font and spacing)

By Claire Eaton B.A., B.Ed.

“Good to read and I have liked learning how to be organised from you. It has made school easier for me.”
– Josh 13

“I was always procrastinating and didn’t know what to do, so this chapter for the best part for me.”
– Esther 15

“I have been using the Sunday Set-up for a few months now and I can honestly say I’m less overwhelmed and having less meltdowns.”
– Alicia 16

“Easy book to use and I found the habits and the way it’s set out good, because it wasn’t confusing or full of fancy words and jargon.”
– Nick 15

“I’ll be using these ideas in year 11 and 12 for sure, but I wish I had this book earlier, it would have helped me a lot over the past few years.”
– Chloe 15

“My favourite part was the tips about what I can do when I’m overwhelmed and emotional especially stop, drop, sort.”
– Jed 17

“Amazing book. I’m so glad I got to read this, and I will 100% be using this to stress less in year 10.”
– Lotte 13

“We are boarders, so this book will be good when we are trying to be organised and don’t have our parents to help us as much.”
– Jo and Carly T

“I liked how it show how being disorganised can cause so many problems that I could relate to and now I know what to do to change it.”
– Louis 12

“The stress section was the best for me. I feel way less stressed just knowing what habits to use.”
– Maggie 14

“Claire asked me to read this book, it’s pretty good and easy to read and I have lots of favourite parts that I will use in high school.”
– Mia 12

“My sister and I read this together, and we agree that it’s as if Claire knows what we are thinking, so this book will help us heaps.”
– Tilly and Willow S

“I like this book because it is easy to read, and the habits aren’t hard to understand so you can use them straight away.”
– Gemma 13

“Oh my, this book is good. The ideas and tips have quite simply solved so many of our teen’s problems and we’re so grateful. This will have a huge ripple effect in our home” – Ian and Deanne P

“Thank you, Claire, this book nails it! We’re thankful we have this in our home, and we can all read it and open to a page and use a habit that will make a difference to our stress levels.”
– Nicky and Todd L

“As parents living separately, this book will help us to be on the same page, as our teens move between houses and organisation can get tricky. Thank you Claire, hand on heart this book is a gift to our family.” – Shelley and Tim S

“The book we have needed for so long. Thank you Claire, you have given us the exact tools we need because the stress in our house was too much.”
– Michelle J

“WOW, I didn’t think it was possible to teach a teenager how to be organised, but you found a way. Life saver!!”
– Sonia C

I flipped straight to the Overwhelm chapter, and I couldn’t put it down. The 7 tips are tops, especially the morning management idea.”
– Adelle and Chris T

“Geez, this book goes straight to the core of practical ways to avoid the stuff that drags our teens down and makes high school harder than it needs to be.”
– Dan and Amanda B

“This book is perfect for teens. Front to back it’s simple and readable. As a teacher I can say that this will be a life saver for many young people (and their parents too).”
– Lesley J

“You have hit the big 3; stress, overwhelm and procrastination so well, and it’s definitely showing teenagers how to fix the problems they can relate to and need help with.”
– Amelia W

“Far out, this book is a winner for teenagers who haven’t been taught how to be organised and as a result, they struggle with high school more.”
– Kyle and Debbie F

“Excellent book that is exactly what teenagers need (and parents too) so they have the tools they stress  less, and make life easier.”
– Margot and Jason D

THE ORGANISED TEENAGER is the book every teenager needs, because no teenager ever said “I REGRET BEING ORGANISED!”

Every day teenagers are faced with the tricky juggle of high school, home, sport and friends, along with a part-time job and day-to-day life activities, which all demand that teens have organising skills and habits that are easy to use, and part of their success tool kit. But these executive function skills need to be taught, they don’t magically appear, and that’s where THE ORGANISED TEENAGER comes in to save the day.

Too many teenagers are crumbling under the weight of unplanned disorganisation, and are feeling the negative impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Quite by accident, teenagers are finding themselves spending too much time procrastinating and in turn feeling overwhelmed and stressed, which without question puts pressure on the entire family. No parent wants their teenager or family to feel this way.

Claire’s 30+ years teaching and coaching young people, has highlighted how good quality organising habits, when used often and consistently, can change a teenager’s life in the most profound ways, which is why Claire has written this go-to book especially for teenagers.


• Happier days feeling more confident, calm and on top of things • Being prepared and better able to prioritise school work, with reliable plans in place • Good time management skills, and more tasks completed by the due date, and it may even help teenagers achieve even better results at school •(and rumour has it… there’s even less tension at home, that’s got to be a good thing!)


• Louder laughter, increased independence (less parent nagging), more fun with friends, extra free time and being in a better mood. Getting a good night’s sleep, more training and playing time with the team, boosted energy levels and happier thoughts in the morning before the new day ahead• Having a better attitude to everything in life, sharper concentration when it matters most, more patience, increased productivity, and much more confidence, because teenagers have more time to think this:



  1. ORGANISING TRUTHS – what teens really need to know
    What’s happening in your teen brain that makes being organised feel so hard and how to work around it?
    High demands of high school and why organisation matters
  2. ORGANISED MINDSET – what teens can do take charge of this
    How to set your organised mindset so it’s rock solid and good-to-go when you need it the most
    It’s never too late to be an organised teenager, habits to start and habits to stop
  3. BEING ORGANISED reduces OVERWHELM – Learnable habits to change your life
    6 ways to reduce overwhelm when it has already hit and it’s starting to take over
    7 habits to increase organisation and keep overwhelm out of the way. This is gold!
  4. BEING ORGANISED reduces PROCRASTINATION – Ready to practice game-changing habits
    Understand the impact of clutter, motivation, knowing your WHY and what’s dopamine got to do with it
    Reliable routines and systems ready to use, so teens can get started and stay in the zone
  5. BEING ORGANISED reduces STRESS – Ready set go, this will make a huge difference
    Types of stress and getting to know your triggers
    Warning signs and what teens can do in the moment when stress creeps in and tries to take over
    6 tips to press stop on stress so teens can get organised more easily
    Organising habits to get teens on track, feel organised and enjoying a happier day more often