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ROC & RISE Bulk Order 2020 for School Graduation Gift
Claire Eaton - ROC Mindset Coach for Youth and Parents

Claire Eaton BA, BEd

Author and ROC Mindset Coach for Youth & Adults

Claire Eaton has an abundance life experiences and stories that are positive, uplifting and strongly embedded in prevention-focused mental health. Claire is an uncomplicated woman, wife, parent and author of ROC & RISE, who combines her passion and experience to guest speak, coach and connect with tweens, teens, young adults and parents.

ROC and RISE book by Claire Eaton

ROC & RISE Book + 180 Minute Audio Parent’s Guide

The teenager’s guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life

Claire’s first book ROC & RISE  is a culmination of Claire’s 25 year experience as an Educator, Coach, Speaker and ROC Mindset Coach for tweens, teens, young people and parents.

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