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Claire’s Pep Talks are for your teen if they-

*Could benefit hearing great information about one topic at a time

*Can’t get an appointment to see a professional right now

*Need a boost up in a particular area, like confidence or motivation

*Are having a bit of trouble in an area, like procrastination, stress or goals setting

Claire’s coaching practice is full to overflowing, so it’s her hope pep talks can deliver game-changing wellbeing tools, tips and tactics straight to teens’ ears, NOW, when they need it the most! (This is especially important if teens are unable to secure an appointment to see Claire in her coaching practice.)

Pep talks are perfect –

for on-the-go listening, so teens can learn at their own pace wherever they are

Teens can log in anytime, anywhere and as often as they need. No limits or expiry

Pep talks include

Stories, reflection questions,  facts and myths,
Examples, suggestions, How-to make a change tips,
Steps to follows, ideas, and a bit of science stuff about the brain,
WHY questions answered, reminders, and easy to follow strategies,
Mindset techniques and loads of easy listening chit chat that lands on teens’ ears,  in a way that they feel safe and happy to learn what they need.


Pep Talks details –

* Dive in to one topic in a way that makes sure teens will get what they need.

* Contain no fancy jargon, stats, data or hard-to-understand information.

* Are approximately 60 minutes, which is about the length of one coaching session in my office and   time flies by so quick!

* Have 3 separate audio parts (approx. 20 minutes each) – this exact length teens asked for when hundreds of teens were surveyed.

The author of this program does not dispense medical advice nor prescribe the use of any technique as a form of physical, mental, or medical problems without the advice pf a physician, whether directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for mental fitness and general wellbeing. In the event you use any of this information in this program for yourself, the author assumes no responsibility for your actions.

All rights reserved. No part of these audios may be shared or reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process or in the form of a phonographic recording, nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or otherwise be copied for public or private use – other than for ‘fair use’ as briefs question embodied in articles and reviews without prior permission from Claire Eaton.

  1. Purchase your Pep Talk/s
  2. You will receive an email with information to access your account on claireeaton.com.au
    (Please double check your email address & record your login in details for later use)
  3. Log in to your account where your pep talks will be waiting for you
  4. Click on ‘My Pep Talks’ and listen online!
  5. Any troubles, please contact my tech team.

Notes –
Please don’t share your log in details beyond your family, as it will create a security issue when you try to login in next.
Pep Talks can’t be downloaded or shared.

“Oh wow, those big 6 questions are so good. Now it makes sense why my thoughts get messy at night and I find it hard to get to sleep” - Oscar 12

“I liked how you talk about confidence and it's different from being cocky. Really helpful” -  Nathan 13

“I will use the 'what if' questions for sure, because I’ve noticed that I ask the wrong types of questions and it makes me feel down" - Elle 15

“It’s good to be reminded that I am the one who has to make choices that are right for me and it’s ok to ask for help” - Zoe 14

“The part about comparisons was excellent, thanks for the tips, this will help me a lot” -  Jess 16

“I really loved listening to the stuff about compliments and how I can pay more attention so they don’t slide down to comparisons” -  Joe 13

“It made me feel better when you explained about being loud and quiet and that both are ok and you can still be confident on the inside” -  Gabby 12

“The way you talked about the feet and how you can boost confidence using my feet was so cool. I’m using this one for sure and I’ve got really big feet so it will be easy for me” - Dyan 16

“I am going to watch out for my self-talk, thank you for reminding me" - Riley 12

"My favourite part was the routines and how you can count on every minute of your morning to set you up for a good day” - Dwayne  15

3-Part Audio PEP TALKS filled with evidence-based tools and teen-tested wellbeing and mindset boosting tips, to support young people aged 12 -18 (but not limited to) feel better equipped to tackle life’s ups and downs more confidently.
TOTAL – 55 minutes

*#2 is complemented by Pep Talks #1, 6 & 7

Part 1 – BIG 6 QUESTIONS STACK UP includes –
14 minutes

  1. What does confidence really mean and practical ways teens can take care of it
  2. Why confidence is very different to cockiness, arrogance, and big noting
  3. Why teens ask themselves THE BIG 6 QUESTIONS so much
  4. Tips to make the BIG 6 QUESTIONS boost teens confidence, not block it and squash it
  5. Make ‘WHAT IF’ questions work in teen’s favour to boost them up, not drag them down
  6. Getting to know the teen brain
  7. Why teens freak out when they’re faced with a modern threat, like a test or exam and what to do when it happens
  8. Help for teens to use CHOICE as their superpower and make their choices count

14 minutes

  1. Why comparisons are normal and a regular part of everyone’s life
  2. Comparisons can even keep teens safe when they know how to use them well!
  3. FACTS ADD UP – teaching teens how to separate facts from unhelpful distractions
  4. How teens can use compliments to boost their confidence and that of others
  5. Message to teen – Please don’t change, the world needs you as you are
  6. Why teens’ thoughts about self, need to be stronger than anyone else’s thoughts about them
  7. Teens can give themselves permission to be THEM SELF, and learn to totally OWN IT!

Part 3 – SELF-BELIEF BOOST includes –
21 minutes

  1. Reminding teens their self-belief is an inside job, which is one they can’t set-and-forget
  2. Three simple techniques to boost teen day-to-day self-belief
  3. Why managing the morning like a ‘pro’ can set-up teens up for a better day
  4. Teaching teens the difference between facts and everything else
  5. How teens can follow the facts to keep their self-belief in a good spot
  6. Why future-forecasting can mess with teen mindset
  7. Guiding teens to listen to their self-talk and look after it too
  8. Why ‘being present’ is awesome for teens and boosting confidence
  9. Technique – be where your feet are, right here, right now
  10. How anxious thinking can burst teens’ self- belief bubble and ways to avoid it