THE ORGANISED TEENAGER is the book every teenager needs, because no teenager ever said:


Every day teenagers are faced with the tricky juggle of high school, home, sport and friends, a part-time job and day-today life, which demands that teens have organising skills and habits that are easy to use and part of their success tool kit. But teenagers need to be taught executive function skills, they don’t magically appear, that’s where THE ORGANISED TEENAGER comes in to save the day.

Too many teenagers are crumbling under the weight of unplanned disorganisation, and are feeling the negative impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Quite by accident, teenagers are finding themselves spending too much time procrastinating and in turn, they feel overwhelmed and stressed, which puts pressure on the entire family.
No parent wants their teenager or family to feel this way.

Claire’s 30+ years teaching and coaching young people, has highlighted how good quality organising habits, when used often and consistently, can change a teenager’s life in the most profound ways. This book is designed to help teenagers learn game-changing habits helpful at home, school and in life.