GOODBYE DRAMA and STRESS – 85 tips for high school teens that boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success

Hello High School, Claire’s second book for teenagers in years 7-9, is packed with 85 practical and teen-friendly HOW TO tips to boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success. If a teen has asked the question, the answer will be in this book. It is complemented by a YEARLY PLANNER to help teens write, reflect. check and stay on track.

A game-changer for teenagers. This is the book that every young person needs in their high school tool kit.

It’s time for teenagers to say hello High School!

Hello High School is divided into 7 zones, each delivers tools needed to help teens stress less and shine more.

Respected Australian author, coach and speaker, Claire Eaton, offers teenagers and parents the book they have been waiting for. It’s relatable, readable and brimming with teen-tested HOW TO ways to empower teens to say hello to high school with more resilience, optimism and confidence.

What’s Inside Hello High School

  1. Hello SCHOOL ZONE  – Goodbye needless stress. (10 do-it-now tactics to press STOP)
    Think smart, handle failure, tune in to teachers and be brain care aware.
  2. Hello HOME ZONE – Goodbye homework hassle. (10 simple steps to manage homework and study)
    Plan, prioritise and use time wisely, push back on perfection and be test and exam ready.
  3. Hello PRODUCTIVITY ZONE – Goodbye procrastination and overwhelm. (20 sure-thing tips to get work done on time)
    Use routines, dominate devices, set up for less late nights and reward yourself.
  4. Hello FRIENDSHIP ZONE – Goodbye dangerous drama. (10 great ways to step towards friendship and away from drama)
    Ditch drama, get real on groups, trust yourself and find your fit at school.
  5. Hello COURAGE ZONE – Goodbye worry and anxiety. (15 helpful strategies to reduce anxiety and boost your vibe)
    Follow facts, shrink mountains, manage messages, breathe deeply and think well.
  6. Hello MVP ZONE – Goodbye crazy comparisons.   (15 brilliant tools to be your best)
    Build boundaries, share positivity, catch comparisons, practice kindness and gratitude.
  7. Hello SUCCESS ZONE – Goodbye unhelpful habits. (5 ways to stay in the zone)
    Choose your vibe, hang with humans, be active, eat mood food and get plenty of sleep.


Bulk Ordering of Hello High School and YEARLY PLANNER Available

Bulk ordering of Hello High School and its supportive YEARLY PLANNER is now available for parents, schools, organisations, and clubs. About Bulk Ordering of Hello High School.