Claire Eaton - ROC and Rise - The teenager's guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence

ROC & RISE: The teenager’s guide to building the Resilience, Optimism and Confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life

By Claire Eaton B.A., B.Ed.

Love this book. I like how you wrote it for teenagers and the stories help it all make sense. I use the line idea a lot, especially when I think about school work, tests and exams.
– Alicia 14

It’s good to just open a chapter and read a quick reminder that I can use instantly. It’s easy like that.
– Josh 13

I feel good when I read the book. I don’t feel so alone and I like how it’s written for people my age so it easy to read and understand.
– Lilly 14

The tips in the book have helped me to feel less stressed and overwhelmed at school and with homework.
– Jess 15

I’m a boarder and I really think everything in the book has shown me how to be more confident away from my family.
– Taylor 12

Awesome book. It makes mental health topics so much easier to understand and the tips are super helpful in so many situations.
– Toby 17

I thought I was the only one asking the big six questions. This is my favourite part of the book and it’s help me a lot.
– Tom 15

The way you explained ‘stuff’ and that its my choice how I look at it was a big one for me. No one has ever explained it that way before, so that helped me heaps.
– Max 13

This book is so good. I like the audio of it too. The stories are great and it’s all helped me to release that there are so many way to think differently and believe in myself.
– Ella 15

I really like the rituals. I use my altar a lot, it’s a good way for me to remind myself that I’m OK especially if something is on my mind.
– Charlotte 13

I have read ROC and RISE so many times, and I use all the boosters and I know how to notice blockers too.
– Rosie 15

Top book. The switches are cool.
– Adam 16

I like how the book is filled with stories that I can relate to. The Harry shake works really well for me.
– Isabella 12

I used to be a perfectionist, but the confidence part has taught me different ways to handle that and change things up.
– Jack 15

I enjoy the writing sections in the book, it makes me think a lot and be more aware of what I’m thinking and doing.
– Chelsea 14

My favourite parts are the switches and the optimism boosters. I use them all the time they’ve helped me to feel way less stressed.
– Zoe 17

My sisters and I all read this book, it makes it easier for us to help each other if we need it because we all know the ideas and tips.
– Hollie 11, Jade 14, Gabby 16

Best book I’ve read. It’s a nice way to learn about a big topic. The stories and examples are great.
– Sam 16

The ROC Dream Team section has helped me a lot with my friendships at school.
– Georgia 13

Great book, good that it’s for guys and girls.
– Zac 17

It’s a different book, so easy to read and I’ve learnt lots of new ways to handle stress and problems and when things go wrong for me.
– Jackson, 15