Claire Eaton - ROC and Rise - The teenager's guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence

ROC & RISE: The teenager’s guide to building the Resilience, Optimism and Confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life

By Claire Eaton B.A., B.Ed.

“Thank you for writing such a valuable book for our teenagers. Watching my son read it, then apply the tools and strategies at his own pace has been wonderful to watch. My husband and I have read the book too, so it’s great that we’re all on the same page and talking the same language. A refreshing and unique book that delivers mental health messages differently.”
– Joanne M.

“Stress is less, overwhelm is less, doubt is less and it’s soooo good to see our teenage daughter using the practical and teen-friendly tools in this book to be the best version of herself. Very happy parent right now.”
– Simone F

“This book has made a remarkable difference to the attitude, confidence and general approach to life of both my teenage son and daughter. They have a lighter ‘I can do this’ approach to life’s ‘stuff’ (as you so simply put it)”
– Charmaine V

“What a difference this book has made to our daughter’s mindset and outlook on life. After being bullied in year 7 and 8, she was struggling, so I can’t tell you how much it means to us to see her now returning to her old self and enjoying life. Our happy and confident girl is coming back thanks to the boosters in your book. She’ll have these mindset skills for life.”
– Angie H

“Your cleverly written book taught my teenagers about the art of taking responsibility for their own mental health and they’re now spreading their wings wide and living teenage life to the full.”
– Jill B

“Love how the book is gender-neutral, thank you! Our sons are getting a lot out of it. We see them and hear them using the terms in the book, encouraging each other and definitely being more aware of their choices and reactions. This book should be in every home (and school too).”
– Frances and Jason M

“ROC and RISE has changed the feeling in our house in the most positive way. We use the ROC fundamentals to help us all stay on track and the communication between us and our teenagers has most definitely changed for the better. We’re dealing with less stress, melt-downs and overwhelm because they’re using the ideas and techniques in the book. Thanks so much, Claire, so glad we stumbled across your book.”
– Libby E

“Our teenagers heard you speak at their school and now they’re reading your book, which is making a massive impact on their lives, with their friendships, schoolwork, in sport and generally at home. It’s wonderful that our kids have these life-long skills now, rather than waiting until they’re in their 20’s and 30’s.”
– Amy P

“WOW! I wish this book was around when I was a teenager. Love that my girls have this information now as they step cautiously through their adolescent years. It’s so encouraging to see them use the tools, the switch strategies and the great stories to help them be the best they can be. Most grateful!”
– Elizabeth F

“What a relief. Teenagers finally have a book that explains how to handle disappointments and hold perspective when life isn’t as smooth as we would like it. Thank you, Claire, this book is powerful and so needed.”
– Mark B

“This book arrived at the perfect time for us. With three teenagers in the house, they are all listening to the audio and reading the book with its writing exercises, and it’s making a difference to how they all approach school and its ups and downs. It’s heartwarming to see our kids reading about mental health in a way that is straightforward and real, teenagers appreciate this and so do we, their parents.”
– Jo and Dave S

“Very grateful our teenagers now have tools to helps them handle whatever life throws at them. To know they can learn and practice these skills at their own pace and use them across so many different contexts gives me enormous peace of mind. I worry and stress less, so that’s got to be a good thing too.”
– Louise T

“I wanted to say thank you for writing ROC and RISE, we listen to your audiobook in the car, we talk about your messages at the dinner table and we are forever flicking through the book, always finding exactly what we need to help us. We love the stories, the simplicity and all the reminders, they make sense to teenagers, who let’s face it, have a lot going on in their lives these days.”
– Pauline N

“My son loves this book. It’s tabbed, page corners are turned over and it’s filled with his own notes. It’s helped him to take charge of his thoughts and adopt a lot more responsibility for how he approaches everything in this life.”
– Terry F

“Our family read the book, listened to it in the car and we decided that we would all embrace the ROC and RISE approach and It was the best decision we have ever made. So proud to see my teenagers giving this a go, using the strategies and the best part, is watching them become more aware of the control they have over their own mental health. That’s hard to put a price on. Thank you, Claire, we are so grateful you wrote this book for our teenagers.”
– Jennifer & Russel D

“I tell everyone about this book. It’s easy to read, hits the spot on teen mental and emotional care and it delivers the big messages that are so important for young people to hear at this wonderfully wild time of their lives.”
– Kim J

“This audiobook has saved our family from imploding I’m sure! I can’t thank you enough for writing something for teenagers to read or in our case, to listen to.
Our teenagers are getting so much from it, my hubby and I are too. It just makes so much sense. We’re all on the same page which makes talking about mental health type topics so much easier. Finally, I know what to say or what to ask! What a relief.
Our car rides are quite different at the moment. Your voice is with us and we’re loving it. We even pause and discuss… omg…. what a turnaround! I’m pinching myself.
Thanks so much, Claire, your work is making a world of difference to our entire family and I bet I’m not alone. Grateful indeed.”
– Helen J