Hello High School - Book for High School Teens by Claire Eaton - Paperback

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Hello High School

Tips for high school to boost friendships, mindset, productivity, success

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Yearly Planner

Hello High School Yearly Planner is Hello High School‘s supportive companion.

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YOU are awesome

A confidence boosting collection of handwritten thoughts and memories.

ROC and RISE Paperback

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Roc & Rise

The teenager’s guide to building Resilience, Optimism and Confidence

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These books are a culmination of Claire’s 25 years experience as an Educator, Speaker and ROC Mindset Coach for adolescents and their families. Claire’s dream is for ROC & RISE and HELLO HIGH SCHOOL to give young people the personal tools, fortitude and know-how, to take charge of their own mental fitness in a way that is right for them.

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