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Meet Claire Eaton - Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Parent

Wings is a special book; one that your child will hold on to forever. Imagine gifting your child, teen or tween a heartfelt collection of thoughts, reflection and memories written by the most special people in their lives. Wings is an opportunity for important people in your family's life to complete a chapter celebrating your son or daughter and acknowledging that he or she is one of a kind.

Claire Eaton's book - Wings

A treasured keepsake...

In the days of digital communication; emails, twitter, texts, mobiles and facebook; written words can get lost and so can memories and reminders which  hold a special place in our hearts.

Wings is an opportunity to gather those treasure words, keep them safe and hold on to them for years to come. They can be reminder to our children how special they are and could be a timely reminder how important he or she is to the world.

Wings is treasured keepsake filled with hand written love, care and beautiful reflections.

Wings has no limits... children love to read the words of parents, grandparents, brother, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, team mates, mentors, neighbours, teachers and even four legged friends!

Dedicated to a unique person...

Wings has thirty little chapters, all waiting to be dedicated to a unique person. Wings is perfect for those who are in primary school, transitioning to high school, becoming a teenager, finishing exams, celebrating a personal achievement or simply to remind a young person that she is loved every day of the year by someone, somewhere.