5 book bundle.

This 5 book bundle includes:

Hello High School Hello High School Yearly Planner ROC & RISE YOU are awesome The Organised Teenager

Hello High School

GOODBYE DRAMA and STRESS – 85 tips for high school teens that boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success Hello High School, Claire’s second book for teenagers in years 7-12, is packed with 85 practical and teen-friendly HOW TO tips to boost friendships, mindset, productivity and success. If a teen has asked the question, the answer will be in this book. It is complemented by a YEARLY PLANNER to help teens write, reflect. check and stay on track.

Hello High School YEARLY PLANNER

Hello High School YEARLY PLANNER compliments HELLO HIGH SCHOOL, which gives high schooler’s many opportunities to practice using the many of the 85 tips and tools found within the book. By adding their own personal notes and reminders along the way and using the week-by-week journal, teens will feel better equipped to stay on track at home, school and with friends.


The teenager’s guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life Claire’s first book, ROC & RISE, is a culmination of Claire’s 25 years experience as an Educator, Speaker and ROC Mindset Coach for adolescents and their families. Claire’s dream is for ROC & RISE to give young people the personal tools, fortitude and know-how, to take charge of their own mental fitness in a way that is right for them.

YOU are awesome

A keepsake and confidence boosting collection of hand written thoughts and memories, written by 20 special people in your life who truly believe YOU are awesome. This book is a compact 15 x15cm, so it’s easy to keep close by and read it often, because each person has answered 16 questions all about YOU. These treasured words could be really helpful if you have had a bad day, you’re feeling a bit flat or you are in a slump and need reminding of your value and your worth. The words could even be a timely reminder that you 100% make the world better place, just by being YOU.

The Organised Teenager

THE ORGANISED TEENAGER is the book every teenager needs, because no teenager ever said “I REGRET BEING ORGANISED!” Every day teenagers are faced with the tricky juggle of high school, home, sport and friends, along with a part-time job and day-to-day life activities, which all demand that teens have organising skills and habits that are easy to use, and part of their success tool kit. But these executive function skills need to be taught, they don’t magically appear, and that’s where THE ORGANISED TEENAGER comes in to save the day. Learn how to build strong habits that reduce overwhelm, stress and procrastination at home, school and in life.