‘Sunday Set-Up’ – To Plan the Week Ahead

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“Sunday Set up is going to change everything for me.”

“I have tried the Sunday set up and it took us about 45 minutes, but I feel sorted for the week ahead so it has to be worth it because I used to get so stressed.”

“This is the best thing I have ever learner to help ne get organised thank you.”

“I am going to do this because I hate feeling stressed and anxious at school when I’m not organised. This will help me to have a better week.”

“The Wednesday wind up part is good for me, because I do what you said, I waste the end of me week.”

“I have watched and read the book too. Loved both.”

“This webinar is the bomb, love love love it and I am going to watch it again and again!”

“What help me heaps was the slides on the 6 steps that were easy to follow and I can copy when I do it.”

“The steps were good, I like it when I can follow steps otherwise I get a lost sometimes.”

“The webinar was the best. I wish I had it to follow in year 7 9 and 9, but Its going to make a difference to me I now in year 10.”

“I play sport and always found it hard to fit it all without being stress. This is going to work well.”

“Sunday set up is amazing, my sister and brother are doing it with me at the same time and its working for us.”

“I watched this one and the morning routines webinar and I think everything will be easier and less stressed now.”

20-minute Webinar: Claire will guide teens through her popular six-step ‘Sunday Set-Up’ and ‘Wednesday Wind-Up’ routine, o teens can learn to plan their week ahead with more confidence and less stress.
Game-changing organising tools helping teens manage their time, juggle school work, sport, family and friends, and enjoy weekends with less pressure  and anxiety getting in their way.

– Ways to decrease Sunday night anxiety and Monday morning stress
– Six-Step ‘Sunday Set-Up’ plan to bring more routine and success to all teens
– 3 tasks the teen brain can’t do, and it’s pointless trying!
– Real-life examples, taking teen through steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
– ‘Wednesday Wind-Up’ plan and why this can not be missed
– 3 questions to help teens stay on track, and manage their week like a champ!
– The power of check and check again
– Why teens love SUNDAY SET-UP routine in high school, and beyond!
– Handy music, pet, snacks and reward tips to get the SUNDAY SET-UP started
– The art of prioritising tasks and estimating time

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