Morning Routines – To Ease Before-School Anxiety

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”So good, thanks for showing me how to get everything done in the morning so I don’t stress so much.”

”Happy I watched this, because I didn’t know how to plan my time or work out the order I should do things.”

”I will use this routine because I get really anxious on the morning, glad I did this.”

”This will help me a lot. I’m in year 10 and I feel so anxious before school and when I get to school too. I think this will change this for me.”

”Loved it, and how easy you made the routine. It’s going to help me a lot because mornings are awful for me.”

”I’m going to watch this again, because I liked how the steps were easy to follow and you made each parts make sense.”

"Your idea of adding the reward at the end is good for me because I can waste time and forget what I'm doing."

"I think adding up the time it takes to do everything is going to make a difference to me in the morning, thanks!"

20-minute Webinar – Claire will share a game-changing kick-start 4-step morning routine and time-saving tips to help teens get the important before-school stuff done,  so they can arrive at school on time, feeling more prepared for the day, organised, ready to learn and have less stress and anxiety holding them back. This webinar is perfect for teens who can’t get their act together in the morning, and need some simple, teen-friendly and practical tools to set them on their way (and it’s pretty good for parents who are over nagging, and need my help to change things up a bit!!)

Teens will learn about:
– 4-step routine building tool, that reduces time-wasting and morning anxiety
– How the brain responds to routines, and starts to build excellent habits for life
– Clues a morning routine is needed, and tips to leave for school on time (with less nagging!)
– Night-before preparation, and ways to save time. build efficiency and boost teen independence
– Hit snooze and still be organised? Yes! it’s possible if a solid morning routine is in place!
– Time-saving tips that increase organised bliss, and decrease annoying stress
– The impact of routines on stress chemicals and the stress response, especially in the morning
– How to include music and personal rewards in a morning routine. It’s a won win!
– Ask for help when it’s needed, amazing adults have been using clever morning routines for years!!

ON DEMAND. Watch when it suits.  (with 12 months access)

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