Be Organised – to Push Past Procrastination

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“I think I am a perfectionist sometimes, so it made sense to me when you talked about progress, completion and handing things in and how it’s better than procrastinating.”

“Thank you for explaining why I am procrastinating when I know I should be doing my homework. It will help me heaps.”

“I appreciated the slide and picture about dopamine, I have learned about this at school but it’s good to see how it matches with procrastinating.”

“I will use the think ahead tools you shared, I think this will help me to look ahead rather than not do anything.”

“I enjoyed this webinar, thanking for making it. The best section was when you explained thought switching and how I can use this when I am being hard on myself.”

“The part about being independent and not being nagged was the best for me, because I like to do things without being nagged.”

“I have already tried the 15minute sprint. Loved it and it worked for me."

"I will use this webinar to be nicer to me, because I think I was giving myself a hard time and making things worse!"

“I have watch this about 5 times already. I really like it because it explains everything is easy ways to understand. Thank you Claire.”

“Loved this webinar. It’s my favourite with Sunday Set-Up.”

“I have done the clutter idea and the change space tip too. They both worked and made me feel better.”

“I like everything about this webinar. You made it all so easy to understand.”

“I like how you talked about how parents can see me procrastinate and think I’m being lazy. My mum is watching this webinar too and she liked it.”

20-minute Webinar – Claire will teach solid and practical strategies to help teens manage distractions, commit to tasks and succeed when motivation is missing, along with 3 tools teens will helpful to maximise time,  use  15-minute productivity ‘sprints’ to their advantage, and reply on realistic and well planned to-do lists to stay up to date at school, with less stress or pressure holding them back.

Teen will learn about:
– How spot and manage distractions which add to procrastination
– Understand the role of dopamine and how it’s connected to procrastination
– Perfection and why it’s overrated? Taking a closer look at progression, completion and submission.
– What to do when procrastination strikes and starts to take over
– The benefits of clearing clutter, and what the brain needs to become more productive
– Thought-switching technique to beat procrastination and get on with the task
– 15-minute ‘sprint’ to build momentum and enjoy dopamine- The value of a realistic to-do list, and ways to chunk lists down for more awesome results
– Thinking ahead to look for the ‘gold at the end of the rainbow!’
– Ask for help when its needed and why it matters so much

ON DEMAND. Watch when it suits.  (with 12 months access)

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