Organising Tools – To Shrink Stress Fast

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“I am stressed a lot so this will help me to do organising things you talked about to be less stressed.”

“STOP DROP SORT is a good idea and I have started to use it when I was getting ready for school after the holidays.”

“Hula hoop slide was good, and I like how I learnt about being in balance what at happen in the brain.”

“I didn’t know what to when I felt stressed and my body was being so weird, thank you for explaining this to me.”

“Cortisol information and what it does when I am stressed helped me, thank you Claire.”

“I read your book ROC and Rise and watched this webinar too. Both helped to me stress less.”

“Amazing the part about flight, fright flee, I enjoyed learning about this and what I can do when I feel it happening.”

This webinar and the procrastination webinar helped me together. I am going to watch these heaps because I get stressed when I procrastinate. I love these webinars so much.”

20-minute Webinar – Claire will  help teens understand helpful and unhelpful stress,  ‘outside’ you and ‘inside’ you stress triggers, and stress chemicals and how they are linked to organising habits. Learn about the popular ‘hula hoop’ thinking tool, STOP, DROP and SORT strategy to feel yourself again, and signs that stress is sneaking in.

Teens will learn about:
– Differences between helpful and unhelpful stress, and how both impact organisation habits
– Stress triggers and physical signs to look out for
– Signs stress is sneaking in – Fight, freeze, flee
– STOP, DROP and SORT -to stop stress taking over
– Thinking too far ahead – Beware, this can increase stress!
– ‘Zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ organising tip
– 5 strategies to soothe the stressed brain and body
– Hula hoop thinking. What’s within your control and influence and what’s out of your control
– The power of choice – what will you put your focus on?
– 4 reflection questions to help teens stay organised
– Asking for help when it’s needed

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