Dear Coaching Clients,

As you begin or continue coaching, Claire would like to share some important information with you, so you and your son or daughter can make the most of all opportunities ahead.

All teenagers are encouraged to be reading ROC & RISE, which will support coaching sessions and progress immensely.
To get the most out of this book, Claire recommends the Parent Audio which in unison with ROC and RISE, will assist you to embrace ROC in your home and feel better equipped to guide your tween or teen along their adolescent journey.

Coaching ZOOM or OFFICE Sessions – 
Monday – Thursday, 8:30 – 3pm.
Last booking 2.00pm
Why school hours only?
Young people are exhausted after school; needing to eat, chill-out, play sport and hang out with friends. In my experience, after-school coaching sessions
3.30 – 6pm are counter-productive, having a negative impact on young people.
Claire is available to call on Friday, however she does not consult.
(In addition to presentations and speaking commitments, Claire is currently writing her second book)

Start-Up Pack
This pack is for new clients with children in Primary School years 5 and 6 and High school years 7-12.
The Start-up pack is a non-negotiable pre-requisite for any family with a child who is at school.
This pack includes 1 parent session and 1 child session.
That’s two individual sessions:
Example 1
Years 5 and 6
1 x 40 minute child session plus 1 x  60 minute parent session.
Example 2
Year 7-12
1 x 55 minute child session plus 1 x 60 minute parent session.

Coaching Options
Coaching is available via ZOOM or face-to-face in Claire’s office. The choice is yours depending on your child’s personality, proximity and your time.
If zoom is preferred, ideally where possible, the first coaching session is face-to-face, and zoom sessions thereafter. (No big deal if this isn’t possible)
You are welcome to purchase individual sessions as you go or in convenient packages (which have no expiration date)

Zoom Sessions
Claire will email parent or teens a zoom invitation ahead of time. It will contain an ‘entry to meeting’ code. All zoom meetings are secure as Claire will lock the meeting after it begins so it cannot be compromised or entered into by anyone else. Please keep the code private.

You don’t need to download Zoom, just click on the link and enter the code.
You will be directed to a zoom ‘waiting room’, where Claire will then welcome you to the meeting.

Please ensure your child is settled in a quiet/private space, free from audio and visual distractions.
Ear buds are highly recommended.
Water and notebook/pen within reach.
Device on a stable flat surface (preferably not on knees sitting on a bed)

Office sessions
If there’s a sign at the front door indicating that I am with the client before, (zoom or office) or I am preparing for your child’s session, please wait in the comfort of your car and Claire will pop out to you and let you now when she is ready.
If the sign is at the door, in the interest of client privacy, please don’t wait at the front door, as this area is directly beside coaching area and conversation can be heard.

If you arrive ahead of time – please wait in the comfort of your car and Claire will let you know when she is ready to welcome you.
She needs this time to end the previous session well and prepare for your session.

Before My Teenager’s First Session
Upon purchasing the Start-Up Pack, you will receive a link to the pre-coaching form. (Where possible) please complete this form at least 24 hours prior to your child’s first session. Both parents or extended family members are welcome to complete their own form, assisting Claire to get a more rounded snap-shot of your son or daughter before we meet.
Parent/s usually stay in the first session or zoom meeting for the first few minutes or so (but the choice to do so and the length of time differs for each person). We go with the flow here and I am happy to guide parents in this area.

Ongoing Sessions
Sessions look like this :
Year 5 and 6 : 30 minutes and you are welcome to share the last 5-10 minutes to discuss the session together. This is flexible.
Years 7-12 : 45 -60 minutes and you are welcome to share the last few minutes to discuss the session together. This is dependent on the teenager and discussion points. Some things they like to keep private and prefer not to discuss in front of parents. Thank you for understanding.

What do parents do while you child is in session?
If you head off for a cuppa or go for a walk during the session, please ensure you return 15 minutes before your child’s session-end time (e.g. 11am finish, please be back at 10:45, so we have 10-15 minutes to chat together if it’s needed). Unfortunately Claire cannot extend session times, so please try to be on time when returning.
Please wait in your car and Claire will come out and let you know when she is ready to welcome you in for our session wrap-up, if that’s the plan.
Thank you for understanding.

In-between Session Updates
You are welcome to send Claire an email with an update or share relevant information that supports the success of your child’s next session.
Please don’t hesitate to do this (email is preferred, as opposed to text, call, FB or messenger).

Parent Sessions
Usually, after the first or second tween or teen session, Claire will invite parents to book their session (Your start-up pack session, already paid for)
At any time throughout your child’s coaching journey, you are welcome to book a parent coaching session
(Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 3pm. Last session is 2pm start).
These sessions will up-skill you in supporting your son or daughter in the use and understanding of ROC tools, tips and strategies.

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?
The number of sessions required will vary from child to child. Past experience suggests Claire works more intensely with teens in the first month or so, then sessions are spread more evenly, gradually reducing and aiming to become top-ups or on a need-to-learn a new skill basis.

Meet Harry
Harry is my ten-year-old cocker spaniel and most trusted coaching buddy. With so much research around therapy dogs and their impact on mental health, Harry is an important part of all coaching sessions, he’s a gentle ice-breaker and mood soother for young people.

Harry has been working in my business since he was 10 weeks old, and has a finely tuned routine.
Please let Claire know if you can see foresee a problem with Harry being around your child.

Claire’s office has beautiful carpet, teens love it!
If it’s been raining or you’re wearing work boots or dirty school shoes, please remove your shoes once you’re inside. Thank you.

Parking and Address
Please park behind the 4WD in the designated paved parking area directly outside Claire’s home office:
*Please avoid drive-way parking at all times.
10 Buttercup Rise
Duncraig 6023


Refunds are not available on any items in Claire’s shop.
Coaching sessions do not have an expiry date and can be shared between family members.
In the event of client relocating, zoom/phone coaching will replace face-to-face coaching.

Thanks everyone, I am looking forward to working with you and your family.

With kindness,


Claire Eaton - ROC Mindset Coach for Youth & Adults