Wondering what ROC means?

Meet Claire Eaton - Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Parent

ROC represents three powerful and essential mindset characteristics of youth, adults, parents and families – Resilience, Optimism and Confidence.

Claire wanted to create a word (acronym) that stands out and makes people curious; ROC does that!

In Claire's role as a ROC Mindset Specialist with youth, adults, parents and families, she uses ROC concepts as the solid foundation for each and every presentation, coaching session and workshop, understanding that each word is key to prevention-based mental health for people of all ages, because let's be honest, who doesn't want more ROC in their life?

Many young people know these buzz words well and they tend to roll of their tongues naturally, but do they know what the words mean and more importantly HOW to BE resilient, optimistic and confident?

So ROC is a simple word, mixing big concepts and giving them real-life meaning, relevance and practical user-friendly application in everyday life.

ROC is being resilient, optimistic and confident from the inside out.