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20-minute Webinar - Claire will share a game-changing kick-start 4-step morning routine and time-saving tips to help teens get the important before-school stuff done,  so they can arrive at school on time, feeling more prepared for the day, organised, ready to learn and have less stress and anxiety holding them back. This webinar is perfect for teens who can't get their act together in the morning, and need some simple, teen-friendly and practical tools to set them on their way (and it's pretty good for parents who are over nagging, and need my help to change things up a bit!!)

20-minute Webinar - Claire will help teens to make sense of motivation and ways to tackle tasks that feel boring, difficult or times when they would rather be doing something else.
Practical teen-friendly tips to get started, keep going and stay in the zone, instead of falling behind, playing crazy catch-up and feeling stressed. This webinar will help teens who feel stuck, are faffing way too much and lack motivation, and need solid tools and a guiding pathway to move them forward.

20-minute Webinar - Claire will take teens through simple ways to notice early signs of overwhelm creeping in, use-it-now tools to stop overwhelm building up to a messy meltdown, and tips to reduce and recover if overwhelm takes over. Three strategies to avoid overwhelm happening in the first place, so teens can stay on track, get back on track, keep making progress, complete tasks on time and feel more productive at home and school.

20-minute Webinar - Claire will teach solid and practical strategies to help teens manage distractions, commit to tasks and succeed when motivation is missing, along with 3 tools teens will helpful to maximise time,  use  15-minute productivity 'sprints' to their advantage, and reply on realistic and well planned to-do lists to stay up to date at school, with less stress or pressure holding them back.

20-minute Webinar - Claire will  help teens understand helpful and unhelpful stress,  'outside' you and 'inside' you stress triggers, and stress chemicals and how they are linked to organising habits. Learn about the popular ‘hula hoop’ thinking tool, STOP, DROP and SORT strategy to feel yourself again, and signs that stress is sneaking in.

20-minute Webinar: Claire will guide teens through her popular six-step 'Sunday Set-Up' and 'Wednesday Wind-Up' routine, o teens can learn to plan their week ahead with more confidence and less stress.
Game-changing organising tools helping teens manage their time, juggle school work, sport, family and friends, and enjoy weekends with less pressure  and anxiety getting in their way.

Includes 3 mini audios
Part 1 - Secrets of Anxiety and Sneaky Tactics
Part 2 - Stong and Brave Thinking

Includes 3 mini audios
Part 1: Big 6 Questions Stack Up
Part 2: Crush Comparisons
Part 3: Self Belief Boost

Includes 3 mini audios
Part 1 - Stress Warning signs and shrinkers Part 2 - Stress Triggers and Better Thinking
Part 3 - Outsmarting Overwhelm and Pressure

Includes 3 mini audios:
Part 1: Managing Motivation
Part 2: Outsmarting Overwhelm
Part 3: Rewarding Success

Includes 3 mini audios:
Part 1 - Beating Procrastination
Part 2 - Routine to the Rescue
Part 3 - Planning for Productivity

Includes 3 mini audios
Part 1 - Mistakes, Repair and Moving
Part 2 - Failure, Myths and Mindset
Part 3 - Failing, Emotions and Lessons

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