This Start Up Pack is a prerequesite for youth coaching.

Before we can get started, it’s great to meet you and your young person (in separate sessions). Therefore, a prerequisite for all coaching which involves youth aged 10-18 is a Start Up Pack ( 1 parent + 1 teen session). Follow-up individual sessions or packages are available thereafter.

Once you have made your purchase, please contact Claire to make your booking.

Please read through Claire’s list of answers to commonly asked questions about coaching.

I look forward to speaking to you and meeting you soon.

All session packages have no expiry date and can be transferred to family members. Refunds are not available.

This includes Claire’s book: ROC & RISE

The teenager’s guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life

This book is a culmination of Claire’s 25 years experience as an Educator, Speaker and ROC Mindset Coach for adolescents and their families. Claire’s dream is for ROC & RISE to give young people the personal tools, fortitude and know-how, to take charge of their own mental fitness in a way that is right for them.

Claire’s book shares practical tools, boosters and strategies all wrapped in real and wonderful stories, so teenagers can learn to raise their resilience, boost their optimistic mindset and lift their confidence, from the inside out.

ROC & RISE is on its way… with the urgency that now more than ever, our young people need an abundance of mental, social and emotional strength to ROC and Rise. Tweens, teens and young adults need practical tools and age-appropriate ways to understand themselves and thrive throughout their adolescent years, so they can rise up to be their personal best.

A game-changer for teenagers. This is the book that every young person needs in their mental fitness toolkit.

It’s time for teenagers to ROC & RISE.

ROC & RISE is supported by a 180 minute, audio Parent Guide – leading you through each section of the book, helping you to help your teenager.