#3 Stress, Overwhelm & Pressure

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3 Mini Audios

Part 1 – Stress Warning signs and shrinkers includes

  1. Making it normal to talk about stress and why conversations matter
  2. Helping teens stress less, rather than trying to make stress vanish completely
  3. Get to know how stress is connected to the nervous system and why this matters so much to teens
  4. How adrenaline and cortisol play a big role when teens are feeling stressed
  5. Teens need to know about two main types of stress – helpful and unhelpful
  6. Know the physical warning signs that stress is hanging around teens
  7. Three simple affirmations to help teens reset when stress strikes
  8. Teen talk about moving and exercise and how it’s connected to stress chemical
  9. Four great ways teens can reduce stressful feelings when it feels intense
  10. Hello Hoola Hoop thinking – a wonderful way to dial down stress

Part 2 – Stress Triggers and Better Thinking includes

  1. Have you heard of stress triggers? Teens need to know they’re different or everyone.
  2. Ways teens can understand external triggers
  3. Teen tools to handle triggers – these are really popular
  4. THINK AGAIN – 4 steps to help teens shift their thinking
  5. YOU HAVE THE POWER – teaching teens to think on purpose
  6. Why a teen’s next thoughts is so powerful

Part 3 – Outsmarting Overwhelm and Pressure includes

  1.  Stressed teen brain doesn’t think or behave in helpful ways
  2.  When the teen brain is stressed, they can learn to make fewer big or permanent decisions
  3. Giving up and quitting. There are other options available to teens when they’re feeling stressed
  4. Helping teens get to know the 4 stress responses – flight, fight flee and fawn
  5. Teens can practice getting comfortable with stress, and why that’s a game-changer
  6. How wind down and wake up breaks help teens manage stress
  7. Learn how activity and rest impact a teen’s brain and body when it’s stressed out.
  8. Six guiding questions to help teens be more balance and less stressed
  9. Three simple stress soothers that are FREE and available 24/7
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