#2 Confidence, Courage & Self-Belief

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3 Mini Audios


  1. What does confidence really mean and practical ways to take care of it
  2. Why confidence is very different to cockiness, arrogance, and big noting
  3. Why teens ask themselves THE BIG 6 QUESTIONS so much
  4. Tips to make the BIG 6 QUESTION boost teens confidence, not block it.
  5. Make ‘WHAT IF’ questions work in your teen’s favour to boost them up, not drag you down
  6. Get to know the teen brain
  7. Why teens freak out when they’re faced with a modern threat, like a test or exam!
  8. Help for teens to use CHOICE as their superpower and make their choices count.


  1. Why comparisons are normal and a regular part of life
  2. Comparisons can even keep teens safe when they know how to use comparisons well!
  3. FACT – teaching teens how to separate facts from unhelpful distractions
  4. How teens can to use compliments to boost their confidence
  5. Message to teen – Please don’t change, the world needs you as you are
  6. Why teen thoughts about themself, need to be stronger than anyone else’s thoughts about them
  7. Teens can give themself permission to be THEM SELF, learning to totally OWN IT!


  1. Reminding teens their self-belief is an inside job, one which they can’t set-and-forget
  2. Three simple techniques to boost teen day-to-day belief
  3. Why managing the morning like a pro makes a teen’s day better
  4. Teaching teens the difference between facts and everything else
  5. How teens can follow the facts to keep their self-belief in a good spot
  6. Why future forecasting can mess with a teen’s mindset
  7. Guiding teens to listen to their self-talk
  8. Why ‘being present’ is awesome for teens
  9. Top Technique- be where your feet are
  10. How anxious thinking can burst teen self- belief bubble and ways to avoid it.
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