ROC & Rise

The teenager's guide to building the resilience, optimism and confidence needed to level up at school, in relationships and life

Claire is currently writing her first book, ROC & Rise which will be published, printed and in the hands and hearts of young people early 2019.

This book is a culmination of Claire's 25 year experience as an Educator, Coach, Speaker and ROC Mindset specialist for adolescents and their families. Claire's dream is that ROC & Rise gives young people the inner tools, fortitude and know-how, to take charge of their own mental health.

Claire's book will share ways to build resilience, engineer our own optimism and strategies to boost our own confidence from the inside out.

ROC & Rise is being written now... with the urgency that now more than ever, our young people need an abundance of mental, social and emotional strength, practical tools and age-appropriate insight to thrive throughout their adolescent years. Watch this space... something special is coming!

It's time for teenagers to ROC & Rise. 

Claire x

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