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ROC Girls Retreat

  • Perfect for : girls in years 8 - 12
  • Where : Anapana Ridge, 35 Gilchrest Road, Lesmurdie. WA 6076
  • When : Saturday May 12th at 9.00am - Sunday May 13th at 1pm
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May ROC GIRLS Retreat

ONLY 15 tickets available!

Imagine a retreat especially created for your teenage daughter

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Our ROC GIRLS retreats are unique and most definitely like no other. Claire knows that now more than ever, our precious teenage girls need to retreat together, learn about themselves and begin their self-development journey earlier rather than later. Life for our girls is so vastly different from our life at a similiar age; it's fast paced, complex and rapidly changing and our daughters are trying so hard to keep up, fit in and find out there they belong in a dense jungle of social media, social expectations and complex social dynamics.

Our weekend stretches way beyond traditional teenage girl pamper style 'DaySpa Get-a-ways', as we are totally dedicated to learning mindset skills and communication tools along with the art of positive self-reflection. We'll be creating and being part of a strong Sisterhood of girls simply sharing time with like-minded young ladies. Through ritual and mindset making ceremony we will experience special Rites of Passage memory making moments.

Sitting together in Sisterhood Circle we will explore what's happening for teenagers in our rapidly changing world. We'll lean in to honest and respectful conversation, because this retreat is one which truly speaks to the heart and soul of teenage girls who are looking for a rare opportunity to be part of an extraordinarily rich-in-learning weekend, where life-long memories are made, friendships forged and personal development is in abundance.

ROC GIRLS Retreats are brilliant - just 15 young women choosing to spend the weekend together to enjoy a once- in-a-life-time opportunity to learn in circle, reflect, explore theories, ideas, trends and challenges, so important to girls transitioning between girl to woman in our modern era. Our retreat holds precious space for girls to enjoy a weekend of delish food, rich learning and fun.

Claire is your daughter's experienced host, guide and teacher for the weekend, bringing to retreat 20+ years experience in education, BA, B.Ed qualifications and tutoring roles at Edith Cowan University, Perth WA. Her extensive training as a Rites of Passage and Circle Learning Facilitator and NLP Practitioner will make retreat even more special. Claire has run a successful private Life Coaching practice in Perth since 2008 and draws upon her extensive experience hosting workshops, retreats and public speaking Australia-wide. It's Claire's absolute pleasure to make your daughter's ROC Retreat one of the most memorable experiences for you and your girl; learning and exploring with new friends in Western Australia's stunning Lesmurdie Hills.

Arriving on Saturday morning at 9.00am and settling in with other teenage girls, who could do with time to delve into good quality learning, rich conversation, beautiful surroundings and zero pressure.

Just imagine precious time for your daughter to... connect, share time, learn, upskill, be more informed, talk, listen and make memories. If this sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime weekend that you would love your daughter to experience, it's happening in May 2018 and you are invited to mark the dates and book your spot - 9.00am on 12th - 1pm on the 13th of April

Retreat Details

  • Perfect for: ROC Girls in years 8-12
  • Cost: $390pp, $750 double ticket for Besties or Sisters
  • Where: Anapana Ridge, 35 Gilchrest Road, Lesmurdie, WA 6076
  • 13 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, lots of rooms to share in girls style sleep over, fully air-conditioned, below ground pool and 5 acres of beautiful gardens for us to enjoy
  • When: Saturday May 12th at 9.00am - Sunday 13th at 1pm

Zero Judgement

Claire is all about jumping in, sharing, be involved and making everyone feel valued and welcome.

Zero judgement is the only 'retreat rule', so our wise teen girls can all plan for retreat knowing that we will be sharing our wisdom, gently learning from one another, having a lot of fun and laughter.

  • No tight schedule
  • No pressure
  • No stress
  • No demands - rather, girls going with the flow, taking what we need and leaving what we don't.

What you can look forward to

Claire designs a beautifully paced retreat schedule with a perfect mix of group, partner, circle learning, pool & garden fun and beautiful activities on Saturday night under the stars. All will be revealed when you arrive on Saturday morning, knowing that your daughter is in safe hands with Claire, bringing her years of experience in education, hosting retreats and running workshops. It's your daughter's turn to be totally immersed in learning and personal development time and it's your turn to enjoy every minute of a beautiful weekend knowing your daughter is experiencing something pretty special. especially for you and your girl.

Popular "I want to know more" topics which are gently blended through retreat sessions, activities and circles are: dreams and aspirations, friendships, social media, body-image, self-esteem and self-worth, personal standards and expectations, boundaries, social and emotional intelligence, beliefs, values, choices and communication styles.

  • Awareness – of our beliefs, values and how they play out in our lives
  • Challenge – our identity so we can find our fit and sense of belonging
  • Support – ourselves with ongoing self-care and kindness rituals
  • Motivation – to use practical skills to set boundaries and communicate well
  • Love – our own uniqueness, quirkiness and talents and strengths
  • Insights – and relevant knowledge and information to help one another shine
  • Time – to laugh until your belly hurts, make friends and enjoy confidence
  • Understanding – what makes us tick, inside and out
  • Fresh eyes – to 'own' yourself, revealing our resilience, optimism and confidence from within

What's included?

  • Saturday - morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner and all snacks + Sunday - breakfast, morning tea, snacks and light lunch with mum on Mother's day at pick-up. cooked/ prepared
  • Saturday night accommodation at Anapana Ridge in Lesmurdie
  • All materials used in activities/sessions.
  • Gifts and surprises to take home
  • Special Guest Edwina Taylor

  • Edwina is a leading Perth practitioner specialising in the holistic health and wellbeing for adolescents and women. Edwina will be joining us on the weekend for a gorgeous session, where she will bring her experience and wealth of knowledge to our ROC GIRLS Sisterhood.

Sleeping Soundly

We have booked Anapana Ridge so we have it all to ourselves. There are 13 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with a combination of comfy single or double beds and bunks.


  • ROC GIRLS RETREAT ticket $390pp
  • ROC GIRLS RETREAT Sisters or Besties $750 per double ticket


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Reviews for Claire Eaton's TLC sessions

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  • A wonderful, calm, caring atmosphere to share thoughts, learn new skills & approaches to build and nurture a happy relationship with my teenage son. Claire, you are a host with priceless advice and knowledge. Thank you

    TLC Mum


  • I am so glad that I attended your TLC. Lots to think about and many great tools and strategies to use. So many light bulb moment for me and I'm just so appreciative. Thank you Claire xx

    TLC Mum


  • Thanks Claire, great information and practical ideas to implement to help our entire family and give our girls life long skills. I loved it, thank you. Beautiful mums that I loved sharing the day with.

    TLC Mum


  • Excellent and really enjoyable afternoon. I loved the conversations and understanding that I am still developing and we are all growing together. In our family we are all learning about each other... Food for thought, actually a wonderful feast! Thank you.

    TLC Mum


  • Lovely small group, very open and trusting forum for sharing and learning. Really important and totally relevant information to take home with me and it all made perfect sense, quite a revelation to me. Thank you so much x

    TLC Mum


  • Awesome afternoon, beautiful ladies, lots of laughs and learning. Most valuable. Thanks so very much Claire

    TLC Mum


  • Claire, I can't thank you enough. Processing through what you taught us on Saturday gave me a whole different perspective on "teachable moments". Resulting in my boy coming to ME to explain his behaviour, instead of me exploding at him. I felt like I'd witnessed a miracle. Thank you so much.

    TLC Mum


  • Simply just thank-you, for so many reasons... To be able to learn and laugh is invaluable to me.. Xx

    TLC Mum


  • The TLC session was such an enjoyable and beautiful afternoon with beautiful mums 💗 Thank you Claire xx

    TLC Mum